Sunday, August 3, 2014

Thirteen IS A Lucky Number! A Perfect San Diego Comic Con 2014

Why a perfect one? I've been going to San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) for thirteen years in a row. Despite the fact that it gets more stressful each year to get a badge, and despite the fact more and more people every year attend, this year may have been the very best for me.

My first attempt at going to SDCC was in 2002 and it was on a last minute whim. The Saturday morning of the con, I made the hour and a half drive down to beautiful San Diego by myself, without a badge in hand.  I just thought I'd give it a go. My sister said try it, who knows, might be fun. She had taken my little brother there years before when he was a comic book collector and the con was still ABOUT comic books.

I didn't know where to park. The parking shuttle was full every time it made it to my parking garage. I finally walked probably a good mile or so to get to the convention center. When I finally got there, probably around ten in the morning, there was about an hour long wait to buy a badge. The line winded around the building!  Wow, I thought. Crazy! No Hall H then.  But I did get to see Elijah Wood & Billy Boyd promoting The Lord of the Rings:The Two Towers. I got their autographs and was pretty proud of that accomplishment.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Heartfelt Thank You from the Benedict Cumberbatch Birthday Team For ALS Research

I honestly will be sad when Benedict's birthday is over! It's been an amazing 2 months! Longer if you count the wait we had for @BenedictBDay to go live! Thanks @ReshmaW  and @dWallaceUS for helping  keep me motivated and supporting me every step of the way!  

Thanks to Richard at @mndVIPteam and Maegan at @alsassociation for all their help, support & cheerleading!
Thanks also to @KC_in_NYC @LittleFavour1 @Lisibelle87 @WATBenedict @vereentjoeng @DieBedra for going that extra mile for us! 

Heartfelt thanks to @Gcfanatic and @dWallaceUS for sharing their stories with us.

Thanks @ReshmaW  for the arduous task of collecting all the lovely messages and putting them into Benedict's keepsake book.

Thanks to @CumberNinjas @BenBatched @clarenewman @Yassammez @Cee_Jay_One @MsSilT @Annos_Africa @mndassoc @UseUrEvolution @adamackland @lindashoare @cumberbatchweb @cumberbatchfrm for RTing & cheering us on.

A super huge thanks to every single one of the CumberCollective who donated/spread the word/RT'd/blogged/gave us support in every way! We made over 3x our original goal because of you all!

And of course the biggest thanks goes to the man who inspires us all, Benedict Cumberbatch!  Something about this incredible person brings out the best in all of us.  I'm very proud to call myself his fan and a member of the CumberCollective!

Thanks for the incredible ride!

We love you #BenedictCumberbatch #HappyBirthdayBenedictCumberbatch

Please keep following @BenedictBDay throughout the year! Thanks!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch Strikes Again: an example of how modesty, charm and sweetness will surely win over every woman's heart! Report from January 20th TCA 14 Sherlock Panel

I must say it was a great day all round! Our #BenedictCumberbatch meeting at the #Sherlock TCA 14 Panel in Pasadena was perfect! My daughter, Lauren had not been able to go with me on the other occasions, so I was praying it would be a special experience for her...and WOW it certainly was...all because of Benedict. The Langham Huntington Hotel which hosted the event was a much nicer hotel than the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills. And when I say nicer, I mean both in its classiness and generosity. They let us stay on the premises, right next to the ballroom where the panel was being held...they provided chairs, coffee, tea, water and easy access to bathrooms.

We got there at 8am since we weren't sure what time it started. A few people were already there. Surprisingly, Benedict arrived around 10:30; we saw him get out of the car, and Lauren squealed since it was her first time seeing him. However at this point he said that he was sorry, he was running late and he went straight in. But that didn't deter anyone...we had hope. :D

Shortly after, Amanda Abbington, Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue came out and were kind enough to pose and sign. Then we saw Benedict again walking down a glass windowed hallway near where we were standing. I had to point him out to everyone! Lol   He waved and smiled.

During the panel, girls were reading out the live tweets . They were telling us everything Benedict said. When he got to the part about how he was sorry that he couldn't meet with us earlier and that he appreciated us, of course we all were thrilled. He also promised to come back out!

While we waited, Benedict's driver came over to us. It was hilarious because he asked ME when Benedict would be finished with this panel because he was waiting for him! LOL We chatted with him for a few minutes and he told us he always drove him when he's in L.A. 

A lot of the press people talked to us after the panel, all bragging about him, but they did all say how much he appreciated all of us and was coming back out. One lady had the nerve to tell us she touched his hair...(What the heck?) Several of them took pictures of us that I'm sure will be all over the net and in newspapers. (The pink CumberCollective sign in front of us was made by Lauren!)

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The major distraction that is Benedict Cumberbatch

So sorry I haven't posted on this blog for a long while. I'll be honest, I've been very distracted by my newest obsession, Benedict Cumberbatch and the amazing show Sherlock.

I first discovered Benedict and his incredible acting in Star Trek Into Darkness. I've always been a Star Trek fan, and I loved the first J.J. Abrams film, so seeing this one was a given! I went in not knowing Benedict from squat! I had heard of the funny named Brit, but I didn't even have a good idea of what he looked like. After seeing the film, I was immediately impressed with his acting style and that silky smooth, mesmerizing voice of his. I remember thinking he was slightly weird looking...not bad, just different. But the fact remained...I was intrigued!

I had also just acquired Netflix about a month before...lucky me.  A little voice inside me said, 'Since Benedict was so good in Star Trek...give Sherlock a try!'

Bam! I was hard I barely knew what hit me! Wow, I can't even begin to describe how much Benedict blew me away in the first minutes of A Study In Pink. I knew by the end of the first episode, that he was destined to be my next obsession! The other five episodes didn't disappoint at all. Benedict's performance in all six episodes is truly extraordinary!

I can honestly say it truly was his flawless acting that first attracted me.  He is able to make Sherlock extremely likeable, even loveable despite being a sociopath and "an annoying dick" as John has referred to him.  His social defects can somehow be overlooked.  I would normally find it difficult to like a person such as this in real life.  How Benedict makes him appealing is part of his magic.

The physical attraction to Benedict soon followed. He's not classically handsome like Ben Barnes (my last crush)...that's a certainty. He even makes fun of his own looks; his long, alien face, high cheekbones and wide-set luminous eyes. The weird thing is, once you've seen him act...he becomes INCREDIBLY handsome and desirable. Ask any member of his ever-increasing legion of female fans, called the CumberCollective. They'll tell you this almost verbatim.  Combine this with the fact that he's been proven to be kind, generous, charming, emotional and sensitive, and a classic gentleman, he's as close to perfection as you can get. He's even asked us not to call ourselves the Cumberbitches out of respect for us; such a sweet and classy guy!

And now, in season three, Benedict has developed Sherlock's character even further! I didn't think that was possible, but it was! We get inside Sherlock's head and Benedict delivers with intensity!

I've had the thrill and pleasure of seeing him three times in person. Once at the Bafta Britannia Awards last November, once at the Hobbit premiere in December, (also briefly outside of Jimmy Kimmel, but I don't really count that time) and most recently outside the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, prior to the Bafta Tea Party.
I posted this report on Twitter of my encounter with Benedict at the Four Seasons.  It's been edited slightly from the original:

Friday, September 7, 2012

New Adventures: Meeting Ben Barnes a second and third time!

Soon I will be posting more teaser chapters from "The Game Has Changed" which is in it's final editing stage.  In the meantime, I am finally doing a blog update:

Okay, this time it was not nearly as intimate as it was in London December 2010, but I recently got two more chances to spend time with the gorgeous and wonderful Ben Barnes.  He was in Los Angeles promoting his film "The Words" co-starring Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Dennis Quaid, Jeremy Irons and Olivia Wilde.  I've had the privilege of seeing the film on two occasions now: one way back in February I believe, which was a test screening, and the second time at the Ben hosted event on August 16th.  Then on September 4th, I attended the premiere.  Here is my report of the two Ben experiences!  I'd love to give you a review of the movie as well, but-GO SEE IT!  It's wonderful!

The screening on August 16th:

The actual screening part was a little disappointing. You saw the video, he hardly talked at all!  No Q&A.  So I'm really glad for the first part of the experience.

We were lined up waiting for the screening in the lobby.  I actually left the line to go get a drink and when I came back, my daughter said two guys came around to all the younger girls and gave them passes to have their picture taken with Ben.  She was worried that it wasn't legit at first, but I said that I would insist on going with her even though it was for "younger girls" so I would know where she was. It turns out they were very nice when they pulled everyone to the stairs where they took the pictures.  They let me stay too and said I could stand next to the photographer & take all the pictures I wanted.

My daughter pointed excitedly because I didn't see when Ben came in! I turned around and there he was right beside me!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

What an Adventure! My Meeting with Ben Barnes

This is a report I wrote back in December of 2010 about my meeting with Ben Barnes, my current main muse.  It originally was posted on Imdb and many of my friends are very familiar with the story.  Thank you for reading.


My daughter and I traveled to London from California in December of 2010 for the sole purpose of seeing Ben Barnes in his production of 'Birdsong'.  Of course, we hoped to meet him as well.  We had been hearing about how other fans had good luck with meeting the wonderful and sweet actor.  However, the weather really made me work for my reward! It was bloody below freezing in London and the day we were to fly into shut down because of a major snowstorm! We got diverted to Manchester which normally is a three hour drive to London. They loaded us on a bus and it took seven hours because of standstill traffic. Cars were abandoned all along the motor way in the was so scary! We got to Heathrow at 2 am, over thirteen hours later than we were supposed to. Hundreds of people were sleeping on the floors!

On to the wonderful part of the trip! Day one: Our hopes and dreams were about to come true!  Our first encounter with the most beautiful man I have ever seen in my life was on Monday at 5:20. We were waiting alone at the stage door and my daughter suddenly let out a gasp because a man that she was positive was Ben crossed the other way in front of the theatre. She knew it was him by his gorgeous hair, so she was panicking at first that he went in another door. But only a second later, he turned back and started walking towards us. You can imagine the hyperventilating that was going on.